Last weekend I attended a poetry workshop in a little room situated in a beautiful garden. Eden Garden was hewn out of a quarry and is like an oasis of calm in the midst of the city.
Writing poetry means being willing to sit and be still,

to take a little climb into a different realm,

 to let a shower of rain refresh your soul;

to be open to surprise,

 and moments of beauty.

 The rays of sun illumine the pathways, showing where a filigree of shadow sits, and leading you onward in search of colour.

Then you find a nook, a place of shelter,

and then you have it. A poem has appeared, you have shaped it, and it rises well-formed.

Poetry along the pathways.

I seek simplicity
and fullness in one.
A stain of cornflower
blue seeps across
a page.
Dipping my pen,
a poem inscribes itself
across the blue.
This is enough.
I am complete. 
©Juliet Batten