My friend and I met when our children were still small. Now we are both grandmothers, with a granddaughter each who is four years old. For a while we’ve spoken of getting them together. Yesterday it happened. We met at the beach, and the two little explorers picked up their buckets and headed off to see what they could find.

The beach is full of treasure. ‘Look what we found!’

‘Let’s go and find some more.’ And so they did, while we two grannies sat and talked the talk of women who are keeping an eye on young ones, (for we also had my friend’s little fourteen month old who sat and ate banana and crackers.)

 What a treat to sit, and chat and watch, while gulls plunged their beaks into the muddy fringe of the sea, herons stalked in their elegant way, and two black swans appeared. They swam in synch, just like the two little girls, who fell into the rhythm of companionship with such ease.

This golden summer, while so hard on the land and the farmers, is bringing treasure all the same.