I know this pine forest well, because I used to live nearby. After a run of fine days, I knew that the ground under the pine trees would have dried out.

I also knew where the tall trees were,
 the ones that drop plenty of pine cones,
from their heads high up in the sky.
The smell of the pine needles brought back memories of playing in a pine plantation as a child. We treated our collections of cones as treasure, hid them in ‘nests’ in our dens, and sometimes raided each other’s hoards. We didn’t have many bought toys – almost none in fact, but nature gave us all the raw materials, which together with our vivid imaginations, resulted in hours and hours of happy play.
As I emerged from the pine trees with my bags full , I saw a buttercup tree in flower. Such a cascade of yellow blooming in autumn gave me a happy feeling, and also an idea.
In my next blog I will reveal how I used the flowers to brighten a child’s day.