I’m so lucky to live in a neighbourhood of colourful gardens. I always walk to the shops, which gives me time to delight in the spring flowers, with their glorious colours. This line of yellow and red roses has been planted in front of a little white house, and it looks spectacular.

Further down the street, I pass a purple koromiko in full flower. It’s a native plant that I’ve always loved. The new leaf tips are a good remedy for diarrohea, and Maori families used to send them off to the troops in the second world war, to combat desert dysentry.

A few steps further on, and an intoxicating sweet scent has me gazing upwards at these yellow flowers – mimosa perhaps?

And finally, before I reach the library, I pause in front of this exquisite rose.
Now that I live in an apartment, I don’t have my own garden any more. And so I especially appreciate what others have created.
Thank you gardeners, for all your hard work, and the pleasure that you give to passersby.