Oh how we sang!

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 We have just had our annual concert. This is the 4th year now that I’ve been singing with the Voice Club – 70 to 80 of us who love to sing. We are directed by the talented David Tillinghast, who does some amazing arrangements, often with zany rhythms. This year we sang to several hundred people in a big Auckland school auditorium.

 ‘Dress colourfully,’ said David, and so we did.

 We put on our best finery, and our most brilliant colours.

And oh, how we sang! with heart and soul. Knowing we were raising money for charity, put a glow in our hearts. It’s a busy time of year, but summer solstice and Christmas are both seasons for thinking of others.

This year we have been able to help a couple of schools in the poorer part of South Auckland to buy instruments, and also had enough to give to help families of young people who have cancer. At the end of the concert, we had big smiles on our faces, feeling the joy of song and the joy of giving, coming together.
PS The audience had a good time too!


  1. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet – that’s just great isn’t it .. especially the knowledge that funds raised help buy instruments as well as give extra support for children with cancer.

    Wonderful – I’d love to be able to sing .. I can cope – but a choir I suspect I’d be a reserve!! Cheers and I’m so pleased for you .. as you say you benefit too and from the enjoyment of giving the performance ..

    love the photos – and I love strelitzias .. cheers Hilary

  2. lifeonthecutoff

    Bravo – and bravo again! It sounds like a joyous time, Juliet, and for such worthy causes that will now benefit. I’m smiling here as we approach our own solstice, winter of course. Keep posting your beautiful flora for us up here, please.

  3. cecilia

    the singing must have been glorious.. so many voices in one place.. and most of all i am thrilled that you have chosen to buy instruments for NZ schools, so many charities are so oblique, there is a lot of dubious charities out there and what about the kids who are just plugging along against the odds, just ordinary kids with hard working parents who would never be able to afford a keyboard, or a guitar.. having worked in NZ schools I KNOW that these will be put to use and well used.. wonderful.. hope you are having a lovely day juliet.. c

  4. juliet

    * Hilary, glad you enjoyed another look at the strelitzias (am still trying to learn that word). It was satisfying to be able to help those children.

    * Penny, it is a joyous time, and I’m so glad you are enjoying our bright summer flowers.

    * Cecilia, so nice to see you visiting from so close by this time! The sun has been shining in Auckland and I hope in Wellington too. We have had the best of summer weather – all since you arrived. (I think you must have a pact with someone in the sky). Thank you for your wonderful affirmation about the money going to poor schools. I will put in a big plug for us to find new schools each year. One year we bought drums for a school with lots of Pacific Island students. It’s so satisfying to sing for someone else’s supper (so to speak)

  5. RuthG

    It sounds a wonderful occasion. I enjoyed hearing schhol children singing in the Restart Mall yesterday. It’s definitely the season for song!

  6. juliet

    Hi Ruth, it was a great occasion; big smiles all round. It must have been a pleasure to hear the school children, such a hopeful sound.

  7. Lynley

    I related so much to this post Juliet. Our singing group has just completed it’s fourth term “concerts”.

    We sang at a local Rest home and then out in the community yesterday. No funds raised but spirits lifted and love and memories shared. We wear red tops and black trousers or skirt but we can wear bling and Xmas accessories. There was much glitz and sparkle as well as funny hats!

    I love your use of the strelitzias to represent you all in your finery and heads up singing with passion. I smiled broadly at your turns of phrase.

    Music is such a connecting force and those children will benefit so much from your efforts.

  8. juliet

    Lynley, so good to hear of your singing too. Isn’t it special, to be able to give to the community with our voices? I’m glad my post made you smile. Thank you.

  9. growMama

    wonderful, i would love to come to a performance! x


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