Oh fickle spring!

by | Aug 8, 2010 | Uncategorized | 3 comments

You shine enticing warmth, then blast with hail stones. You attack with fierce wind, then download your wet. You bite with cold, then archly present a rainbow, and smile as if to say, ‘This is August. What did you expect?’


  1. Marilyn

    Today was just that mix for me – rain, hail and sunshine – and altogether delightful. I enjoyed a wonderful walk even with that mix and saw tui feasting in a tree full of blossom (photos on my blog) – today truly was a gift.

  2. Joan

    It reminds me of the little rhyme..from the other side of the world..
    Small April said “I’m going to cry ..please give me a cloud to wipe my eye..
    then April fool she laughed instead and spread a rainbow overhead!”

  3. juliet

    What a delightful rhyme Joan – I’ve never heard it before. That’s exactly what today was like. Thank you.


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