Of suns, moons and magic

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 In the cold, frosty night after the storm had cleared, the full moon beamed down on us.

 Meanwhile, by day I played with the sun, as if that would help it to return more quickly,

 and the little one played with the shells again, creating ‘butterflies’ from matching pairs.

 I kept thinking of sun beams,

while she made a trail of special shells. ‘Look, the snail made a trail like a heart!’

There was enough warmth in the sun to go outside and play with bubbles: another little moon perhaps.

In the depth of winter, life becomes simple. And there is space for magic.


  1. RuthG

    Magical photos – it was a most amazing moon.

  2. juliet

    Thank you Ruth; it was good to see your moon photos also.

  3. Max

    It always seems to me there are so many good things about winter, i find it quite invigorating, because i have more time to appreciate it with the pace of life slowing down i suppose. The sun the last two days though feels amazing after the storm-recharging x

  4. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet – I think the moon at the weekend was a special one .. there were a few American posts about the moon – apart from the fact that we are heading into winter and our summer hasn’t come yet .. while you’re heading towards warmer days ..

    Love the shells and the fact the little one delights in playing with you .. happy days – Hilary

  5. Penny O'Neill

    Oh, but how you have the spirit of the super/solstice moon, dear blogging friend. Thank you.

  6. juliet

    * Max, I enjoy the slower pace of winter too. The sun is certainly appreciated when it’s been in hiding for so long.

    * Hilary, I found out later that it was a super moon. I hope your summer blossoms soon. Usually the warmest/coldest weather arrives after solstice.

    * Penny, I found out later it was a super moon. It certainly felt like a special one.

    Thank you for visiting Max, Hilary and Penny. I enjoyed reading your comments.

  7. Marja

    oh I should have made a picture of the moon It was enormous yesterday. Absolutely love your shell art. The shells and your creations are so pretty

  8. Hotly Spiced

    And we still have so much more of winter to come. At least we have had the shortest day. I love all the gorgeous shells xx

  9. juliet

    * Marja, so many people have remarked on the marvellous moon. So glad you enjoy the shell art; thank you.

    * Charlie, the coldest time is yet to come, but at least we are on the way to more sunlight.

    Thank you Marja and Charlie.

  10. Friko

    Thank you for sharing that magic.

  11. juliet

    * Friko, you are very welcome. Thank you.

  12. Vicki Lane

    Strong, beautiful magic! I love your nature compositions!

  13. juliet

    * Thank you Vicki, I enjoy the way you find magic in nature too.

  14. juliet

    * Celi, how nice to see you here. I’m glad you enjoyed the shells. Thank you.


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