Of cooking and card houses

by | May 17, 2012 | Uncategorized | 5 comments

 Mira is cooking for me today. ‘Here’s a stir fry for you, with frogs and berries.’
Oh, yum. Then we had one with fish. Then some sticks were thrown in, as carrots. But ‘no biscuits today, sorry.’

 Then it’s time to make a card house. She’s never seen one before. In each room, some of her little animals are placed: ladybirds, frogs (now released from the wok), a little pig . . .

 But woops! a frog almost got away. There, it’s caught now,

and all the animals have gone to sleep. Granny made a chimney so they can keep nice and warm, because it’s winter now.

Tomorrow I go to Taranaki, to visit my old teacher. It’s going to be a big journey.
I’ve been a bit absent, dear blog friends. Life has been rather serious. But when Mira comes for the afternoon, fun and fantasy are guaranteed.


  1. Lynley

    Your card house bought to mind the passage “in my father’s house are many mansions”

    Small children can lighten our load in the best way.

    Safe travels Juliet as you and your teacher journey on.

  2. Max

    Take care juliet, hope you can carry some of that playfulness with you x

  3. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet – life can be sad sometimes .. remembering back – I’m sharing with you now. My thoughts while you travel .. take care.

    Mira always cheers us .. those mud pies, and wormy cakes are fun .. but I think I’ll come over for some of Mira’s frogs and sticks .. while a nice sleep with a warming chimney sounds very good.

    Cheers and look after yourself .. Hilary

  4. lifeonthecutoff

    Worms in a wok and card houses. What fun. I just love these ages on unending pretend, don’t you?

    Safe travel, Juliet, and a warm wind at your back on this sad journey as your travel to Taranaki to visit your teacher. Blessings.

  5. juliet

    * Lynley, thanks for the quote – many mansions indeed.
    * Max, thanks for the good thought of taking playfulness with me. I will do.
    * Hilary, frogs and sticks are here for you any time you visit!
    Penny, unending pretend, what a fitting phrase. I’m fascinated by the boundless imagination of a child.

    Thank you all for your good wishes. I’m off to catch my plane.


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