Last night we celebrated the new year with a simple ritual. During the day we’d all contemplated what 2010 had been about, and had searched for symbols to express its different aspects. We’d also found symbols for our hopes for 2011.

In our ritual we shared our symbols and placed them on the flax mat. Mine has been a year of much activity and hard work. I’ve learned many new skills: selling a new book, learning to do this blog, creating a Seasons Newsletter and a website; also leading seasonal retreats. For 2011 I want to focus on my new book, which I’d like to see unfolding like the marigold flower, or enjoy easy growth spurts like the first bean from my garden, which was just a creamy flower two weeks ago. The kawakawa leaves are about living from the heart. I found myself arranging them, the bean and marigold to make a butterfly. So here I am, poised to fly into the coming year.