There are 72 steps from the carport to the bach. Must have been too much for the three wise men of Christmas, because I didn’t catch a glimpse of them. The path way was covered with weeds, and overgrowth was encroaching from the sides, so that might have been an extra deterrent.
But two strong men were there – my son, and his friend from India, whose family is across the other side of the world. The friend came to stay at the bach last Christmas when he was newly separated and having a hard time. It was a pleasure to make room for a guest around the table, and this year when returned,(much happier) he felt like family.

Yesterday, on new year’s day, the two strong men returned. They wanted to begin the year by saying thank you to the bach. They knew that, what with setbacks like a broken wrist, I hadn’t been able to keep up with the maintenance this year. So they’d come to help. That’s why the steps in the photo at the top can now be seen, and why this pathway along the downstairs room looks so neat.

 And why the little cabin above the bach can be seen (rather than the jungle that stood in front of it,

and why the garden, which was a wilderness of broad beans, with long grass all around, now has edges again, with the broad beans all dug in, and the new plants able to see the light. And why we had a fine meal last night, which I cooked for them in gratitude, with a big dish of broad beans straight from the garden.

Giving and receiving. Last Christmas was the time for giving. This year has begun with receiving. The wheels of life keep turning and bringing exactly what is needed, making this a happy new year already. And I hope it is for all of you, dear blog readers.

PS A big thank you to Hilary, who prompted me to change to pop-up comments, which makes things easier if you are on certain servers. So if you haven’t commented before, please give it a go. I love to know you are out there, and that my posts have ‘landed’, wherever you are.