Nature’s playground (2)

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 Did you ever make daisy chains when you were a child? I can remember sitting on the grass, threading daisies together, while my aunt Jessie worked in her garden.
On our way back from the beach, the little fairy discovered a lawn full of daisy heads, popping up everywhere. We had to choose carefully, to find the long stemmed ones.

 I can do it! Well, making the slit in the stem isn’t so easy for little fingers with short nails. But she insisted she could thread the daisy through the slit,

 and she could! Such fine work. A seamstress in the making perhaps, or a watch-maker, or a jeweller. ‘You be the cutter and I’ll be the put-ter,’ she instructs me. And so we work together, a perfect team.

 Then it’s time to try out the listening shell. My grandparents always had one of these. When you hold it to your ear, you can hear the sea.
‘Oh yes, I can hear it,’ she says, and then because she’s a modern child, ‘it’s a telephone with decorations!’

After so much excitement, it’s time to play alone while granny cooks in the kitchen.
I peep out through the ranch-sliders and discover that she is with her imaginary friend. All is well. Nature provides.


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