Shall I reveal what I discovered, or leave it as a mystery?
I can’t resist telling you.
Yesterday I was helping with a Retreat Day, called Setting the Compass (for the new year). It was held in a beautifully renovated church hall, and I had been invited to create a ritual as part of the day. As I wandered around outside, getting the feel of the garden and how it might be used, what should I find but another beautiful ‘boat’, undulating like a little wave, there on the path. And just like the ones I found when I did my Tai Chi by the sea, it had captured some little shafts that I realised were stamens.

‘I wonder where this one has come from?’, and then I looked up and saw this beauty: a frosted flower with a vibrant curl of luscious petal, about to fall. ‘It’s a palm tree!’

But not just any palm tree. I looked up further, and look at this: several rows of cheeky little green bananas, perkily lifting to the sky above, seeking out the sun.
I did rather like to think of the fronds as little boats, that had mysteriously sailed in on the wind and rain. But the truth has equal charm: the flower petals of the banana palm, flying freely down to earth: banana boats, perhaps?
As I contemplated setting my compass for 2012, sailing lightly and imaginatively somehow became part of it.