My book is taking a boat trip!

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 My book is taking an ocean voyage. Yes, on March 15,  the Cap Manuel set sail from Hong Kong, carrying 33 cartons of books.

 My words are being tossed on the ocean waves.

They are feeling the temperature change, as they sail from one hemisphere to the other, from winter in the north to summer’s end here in the south.

They will arrive at the port in Auckland at the end of March (for ocean trips do not have precise arrival times), and there be heaved onto solid ground. Then a truck journey as the pallet on which they sit will be driven to south Auckland, and I will do paper work, show my passport and pay all the right people in order to guide them through Customs.
Meanwhile, I’m preparing a place for them in my small apartment, while in my imagination seeing them flying out the door to eager readers, releasing space once more. And doing lots of pre-publicity work.

Today is autumn equinox. Harvest time.

I sneaked in a little late afternoon swim. A slightly cool wind was blowing, but the water was as warm as a baby’s bath. Warm and welcoming. As I floated in the gentle waves I imagined my precious harvest out there on the Cap Manuel, drawing closer every day, and making a safe landing.

Dear blog readers, please forgive me for not visiting you so often right now. I will catch up again when this burst of preparation is over.


  1. MandaBurms

    Looking very much to your new book. Are you doing a book tour?
    Love Leanne

  2. juliet

    * Thank you Leanne. No book tour planned, but I’m happy to give talks or workshops on the theme.

  3. Diana Drent

    No excuses Juliet. I understand. I like to read your blog.

    I hope your book will attract many readers.

    Do you only do workshops in New Zealand? Do you have something a little summary of the book?

  4. juliet

    * Hi Diana, I have just posted a book cover and summary on my website
    and also on the books page of this blog.

    Go to the top of the page and click ‘Books’.
    I will post more information when the books have arrived. I do my workshops in NZ, but if someone can fly me to Australia I’d be interested in offering something there.
    Thank you for your interest.

  5. Anne Ruffell

    How exciting that the book is nearly with you, the end result of so much hard work. I can’t wait to see it ….. and read it!

  6. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet – so pleased your books are on their way .. and I want one!

    That swim sounds gorgeous – the north is in a snow storm here, and it’s mighty cold down south – with snow over in Belgium/France!

    Enjoy the anticipation .. cheers Hilary

  7. juliet

    * Anne, it is so exciting. Your photo on the cover looks fantastic.

    * Hilary, how cold it must be over there. Thank you for your good wishes. I’ll be redoing my website next week, with clear details about how overseas people can buy a copy. That’s at
    You can also take a look at the Books page on this blog- click the tab at the top.

    Thank you Anne and Hilary.

  8. RuthG

    How wonderful to know that your harvest will soon be safely stored and ready to share.

  9. Penny O'Neill

    This is almost like birthing a child, isn’t it, with this long water passage now taking place and you waiting at the pier to catch your new baby! It will be exciting to hear when the crates arrive, Juliet. I see you have commented about how those of us overseas can purchase the books, and will look forward to that.

    I’ve been slow at commenting and slow at my own writing these days, so understand. Ah, these rhythms of life.

  10. Friko

    May your book fly off the shelves.
    Good luck!

  11. Lynley

    It all sounds very busy for you as you prepare for your precious cargo.

    Very clever photo work to get your book floating on the scallop shell.

    The end of March is not so far away now.

  12. juliet

    * Ruth, this is the season for bringing in the harvest, so it feels very good.

    * Penny, birthing a child, that’s exactly how it’s been! Thank you.

    * Friko, thank you for those good wishes.

    * Lynley, it’s full on right now. I had some fun trying to do the photographs without the little picture getting wet. Yes, it’s all very close now.

  13. Vicki Lane

    So exciting! All best wishes for your book! (I love your photos for this post.)

  14. juliet

    Vicki, thank you. As as writer you will know all about both the excitement and the trepidation. Glad you like the photos – I had fun doing them.

  15. Marja

    oh how fantastic I can see them drifting along. I love the title Good luck

  16. juliet

    * Thanks Marja; I like to think of them drifting across the ocean.

  17. Anonymous

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