My book is taking an ocean voyage. Yes, on March 15,  the Cap Manuel set sail from Hong Kong, carrying 33 cartons of books.

 My words are being tossed on the ocean waves.

They are feeling the temperature change, as they sail from one hemisphere to the other, from winter in the north to summer’s end here in the south.

They will arrive at the port in Auckland at the end of March (for ocean trips do not have precise arrival times), and there be heaved onto solid ground. Then a truck journey as the pallet on which they sit will be driven to south Auckland, and I will do paper work, show my passport and pay all the right people in order to guide them through Customs.
Meanwhile, I’m preparing a place for them in my small apartment, while in my imagination seeing them flying out the door to eager readers, releasing space once more. And doing lots of pre-publicity work.

Today is autumn equinox. Harvest time.

I sneaked in a little late afternoon swim. A slightly cool wind was blowing, but the water was as warm as a baby’s bath. Warm and welcoming. As I floated in the gentle waves I imagined my precious harvest out there on the Cap Manuel, drawing closer every day, and making a safe landing.

Dear blog readers, please forgive me for not visiting you so often right now. I will catch up again when this burst of preparation is over.