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On my way to the ‘long drop’ in the morning I heard a distinctive sound in the tree tops: a ‘whoosh-whoosh’ of wings. Aha, a wood pigeon! I thought, and sure enough, there it was perched in the top branches of the kawakawa, pulling off one candle-shaped fruit after another.

It was so absorbed in this morning feast that I was able to approach quite close and photograph its graceful movements. The kereru, as the Maori call it, is a rare visitor, and I’m always in awe of this beautiful bird. It’s breast is white and fat, yet the head and neck are slender and elegant. It’s so big I’m always surprised to see it flying.

At the end of its feeding session it winged its way up into the sky, then swooped down into some far away trees. I was left feeling stilled by my encounter with this priest of the tree tops.


  1. Marilyn

    Wonderful Juliet. Kereru are among my most favourite of birds. We are very blessed to see so many of them when we holiday on our bush block down south. We always have two or three playing around us and have seen flocks of more than thirteen fly over head. They seem such big clumsy birds and are so funny when they are drunk after eating fermenting berries.

  2. Joan

    Thank you Juliet for the warm welcome back! I have loved catching up on your posts. The natural artworks are wonderful. This post of the kereru is fabulous. I love the thought of kereru being the priest of the tree tops. I am remembering long drops.. special funny memories. Thank you…and happy 2011!

  3. Marcia

    Lovely post Juliet, I always wonder how the Kereru can lift its heavy body into the air, abit like the bumblebee – heavy with tiny wings, it is the vibrating body that does it !

  4. juliet

    Thanks for the comments Marilyn, Joan and Marcia. It’s great to be able to share my priestly visitor with you all.

  5. lifeonthecutoff

    How wonderful to have such a “priestly” visitor, Juliet. He is quite stunning a bird and your pictures are so lovely of him. It seems like a gift of the new year to see him.

    Ah, and you surf. You are a woman of many talents, which I say in the most appreciative of tones. What a lovely spot to be in how I appreciate you sharing it here.


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