On Saturday morning at the bach, I was up early, for an international conference call, before the big event of the day. The valley was shrouded in mist and the air was chill.

 The big event took place later in the morning, as with two friends I walked the bush block next to the bach. We were looking for a way through the bush, and the best place for a house/bach site. Not for me, however. For it’s time to sell this land.

Sometimes we can’t see the way forward very easily. When my ex-husband and I bought this land over 40 years ago, our intention was to keep it as a green zone, and so preserve the privacy of the bach. But now I need to raise money, and the land must be sold. I entered a misty zone when I couldn’t see how anyone could build on that land without robbing me of my privacy, and my view to the sea. Even though I tried to find a way through the bush to a suitable building site, it was without success.

I then made some good decisions. I had a surveyor locate the missing boundary pegs. And I asked for help.

My friends were great. Clad in woolly hats, gloves, warm clothing and gumboots, and armed with spades, we scrambled through the bush. We found the line of the far boundary. We located a building site that will suit everyone. We even identified where a driveway could go in. It was like the lifting of the mist in the mid-morning, when the line of the hill appeared, flooded with sunlight.