Low tide

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Back on the west coast, walking by the sea, I happen to be there at an extreme low tide (affected by last night’s full moon no doubt). It’s not often I can walk so far out, around the rocks. The smell was tangy, with the promise of sea-food. It’s a marvel to see what is revealed at such times:

Kelp, orange tinted, firmly anchored
Kelp, yellow tinted, amongst baby mussels
Sea lettuce, so bright
Starfish eating kelp
Another kelp-eating starfish
Starfish getting friendly

Sure enough, I found mussels. Carefully selecting the largest, I brought a few back to soak in a bucket of clear water overnight, ready to steam open for tomorrow’s lunch.

And since this was a day when things are being revealed that aren’t usually seen, I shouldn’t have been surprised to discover, as I walked back, this fierce animal (or is it two?) on the beach:


  1. Joan

    Oh you make me long for the sea Juliet! My first 30 years of life were spent so close to the sea and the next 30 were spent inland (of course less than an hour’s journey) and now It is lake and river.. but I can smell the sea in your post and I know that low tide reveal. I’m off to the beach to stay in Feb. but I think I’ll have to head for the coast for a day!

  2. Joan

    That animal or animals…amazing. I can see two. Very fierce but in a Where are the Wild Things sort of way!


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