Back on the west coast, walking by the sea, I happen to be there at an extreme low tide (affected by last night’s full moon no doubt). It’s not often I can walk so far out, around the rocks. The smell was tangy, with the promise of sea-food. It’s a marvel to see what is revealed at such times:

Kelp, orange tinted, firmly anchored
Kelp, yellow tinted, amongst baby mussels
Sea lettuce, so bright
Starfish eating kelp
Another kelp-eating starfish
Starfish getting friendly

Sure enough, I found mussels. Carefully selecting the largest, I brought a few back to soak in a bucket of clear water overnight, ready to steam open for tomorrow’s lunch.

And since this was a day when things are being revealed that aren’t usually seen, I shouldn’t have been surprised to discover, as I walked back, this fierce animal (or is it two?) on the beach: