Yesterday was cloudy and the beach a little sombre, with the tide right out and the clouds darkening overhead. 

I took my friends from England down to the south end of the beach, where driftwood curled into strange shapes, looped and tangled with kelp and debris.

 The encrusted cave ceiling seemed to be calling for ancient marks and paintings of prehistoric animals,

while on the black sand of the cave floor, a spinafex seed danced lightly.

Out at sea, black shapes blobbed like seals. Here are three of them, waiting for a wave, as the tide turned.
Even a sombre day yields its gifts: the pleasure of long-term friendship, the uncoiling of our lives from school days, and the shared love of this wild west coast.

PS A note to my WordPress blog friends. Last week something changed, and my comments have been rejected ever since. I’ve contacted WordPress support with no reply. I love your posts and am still reading with enjoyment, and hope I can leave comments again before too long.