Low tide, west coast

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Yesterday was cloudy and the beach a little sombre, with the tide right out and the clouds darkening overhead. 

I took my friends from England down to the south end of the beach, where driftwood curled into strange shapes, looped and tangled with kelp and debris.

 The encrusted cave ceiling seemed to be calling for ancient marks and paintings of prehistoric animals,

while on the black sand of the cave floor, a spinafex seed danced lightly.

Out at sea, black shapes blobbed like seals. Here are three of them, waiting for a wave, as the tide turned.
Even a sombre day yields its gifts: the pleasure of long-term friendship, the uncoiling of our lives from school days, and the shared love of this wild west coast.

PS A note to my WordPress blog friends. Last week something changed, and my comments have been rejected ever since. I’ve contacted WordPress support with no reply. I love your posts and am still reading with enjoyment, and hope I can leave comments again before too long.


  1. Lynley

    Beaches are great in any weather really and I love the delicate spiral shell. It mirrors the koru in our ferns on land.

    WordPress has been a bit “odd” in the last week for me as a user too Juliet. They seem to be tinkering with various aspects of the system. I hope you can comment again soon.

  2. juliet

    Hi Lynley, I left a comment which didn’t show up, so am trying again. I hope Worpress sorts out its problems soon. Yes, I love that koru-shaped shell as well, and the beach in all seasons

  3. Marja

    You have a great eye for detail and know how to enjoy the simple things in live.
    Arohanui marja

  4. Ruth P

    A beautiful post Juliet! Special pictures, and special times with your friends. Autumn might be a time of gratitude in many ways as you write in Dancing with the Seasons – and this can include a time also to treasure our friendships!

  5. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet – when I comment on a WP blog I’ve had to sign in to my WP account .. and it works.

    I reloaded Chrome and reloaded the IE plug in that now seems to work – and I can comment on embedded comment boxes where I wasn’t able to before.

    I suspect that Google/Blogger have messed about – and that’s put the WP ones out of sorts.

    Delighted you had such a lovely time with your friends .. and I love seeing the photos – I’m off later on to the seashore ..love it when the tide goes right out …

    Enjoy the week – cheers Hilary

  6. juliet

    Marja, thank you for your kind comments. The simple things certainly bring great pleasure, as you know so well also.
    Ruth, thank you for reminding me of gratitude. You are so right.
    Hilary, thanks for the tips. Today I managed a comment by deleting my details and then filling them in again on the WP blog. I’m not sure what Chrome and the IE plug are though. Enjoy your sea shore time, and glad that you enjoyed the photos.

  7. Hotly Spiced

    Hi Juliet, I love the image of the surfers waiting for a wave! Great shot. And you don’t need to tell me about technology issues – I’ve had so many myself. Today my server died and has to be rebuilt all this week so I’ll only have limited access to my blog. I’m ‘on’ at the moment so am making the most of it. Good luck with your issues! xx

  8. juliet

    Hi Hotly Spiced, thank you. I was pleased with the surfers shot too, the best of a sequence that I took. Ah, technology! I think I’ve found the way back to commenting on yours so will try again. Good luck with sorting your problems out. I’m impressed at how you are managing to do what you can anyway.

  9. Penny

    What wonderful pictures, Juliet, and a fitting way to end your time with your long-time friends. I hope the weather wasn’t too rainy for the reunion.

    I’m hoping wordpress works out this soon, but, I did get your comment yesterday. I do miss not hearing from you and others. WordPress can be slow in replying, but they usually do.

  10. juliet

    Penny, the reunion was fine and like you, I’m lucky enough to have some very old friends to treasure. I’m hoping that WordPress is working again now; at least I had some success yesterday with it.

  11. Joan

    This is such a Westie post Juliet! That black sand. The tiny ram’s horn shell. The spinafex tumble weed. Luckily I was out on the coast just the other day or I would be pining for the wild west coast.

  12. juliet

    Ah Joan, I can tell another lover of the west coast – there’s nothing like it, is there?


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