Lost among the leaves

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I’ve been lost for days, among leaves of a certain kind, leafing through four previous books and comparing the words with those on screen. Attending to the weighty task of Digital Conversion (which means turning printed books to e-books), and feeling the pinch, the loss of the sensuous experience, colour, good design and the reliable formatting of poems.

Aah; it was time to break out, to seek leaves of a different kind.

I went for a walk, and spring was singing through the air,

 with an upward thrust of greening, filling out the empty spaces,
 shining waxen with newness,
 or delicate, yet emphatically tracing patterns on the sky,
 bursting into unexpected colour
 and frothing like candy floss,
 and my spirits lifted with the bursting twigs, 
the leaves of spring, in all their myriad forms. 
Lost amongst the green, lost in the leaf-filled sky, lost in the joy of the season.


  1. Cecilia

    Oh wow that pink is just amazing, don’t you want to press a few of those leaves in a book and all that lovely growth.. wonderful.. have a lovely day honey.. celli

  2. juliet

    Thanks Celi, and I send you greening (and pinking) energy into your slow-down season. Yes, pressing some of those leaves, what a good idea. Next time Mira comes to visit, that’s exactly what we will do!

  3. Hotly Spiced

    It must have been so good to get out and clear your head. How beautiful is that ‘fairy floss’ tree. What type of tree is it? The colour is splendid xx

  4. lifeonthecutoff

    Finally, a few moments to catch up on blog reading and your burgeoning spring, Juliet. I once again find it exciting to experience spring in the southern hemisphere, with its emerging growth and bright green and pink colors of leaves as ours turn crimson and red here in the northern hemisphere and start to fall. It is quite wonderful to become “lost in season” with you.

    How exciting, and exhausting, it must be to put your words onto new “leaves” in this techno age. I’ve come to appreciate the act of book publishing through your words regarding the process, Juliet. Digital conversion – something new to think about.

  5. juliet

    Hi Charlie, someone did tell me the name of the pink tree, and I’ve forgotten! It is gorgeous when it first comes into leaf – then it turns green and blends back in with all the others.

    Penny, I’m enjoying the polarity too as your leaves mellow and ours brighten. The ebook business is laborious and not where my heart lies. Even mistake has to be written out on a Word file, because there are no page numbers as ref, and no paper to mark (which would be so easy). But I won a grant to do the conversion, and it makes international sales easier. (sigh). Thank you.

  6. Vicki Lane

    The pink tree is such a beauty! Dr. Seuss might have created it.

    I’ve been tied to the computer for days myself, doing a particularly nasty editing job. Went out late thisafternoon and refreshed my spirit, just as you did — but with autumnal beauties.

  7. juliet

    Vicki, what nice synchonicity, you taking an autumn break and me a spring one. Editing does get very contracting I find. I thought of a truffula tree when I first saw this one, very Dr Seuss-like. I will see if I can track down the name.
    Good luck with the editing.

  8. juliet

    I now have the name! They are Chinese Toon trees (thanks Lynley for telling me that last year)

  9. Lynley

    Thank you for mentioning me Juliet…the Chinese Toon tree is sooooo Dr Seuss with its beautiful pink leaves.

    Your photos of the Melia looking up into the sky are so light and airy. They look so wonderfully floaty and transporting.

    My Melia is yet to burst forth.

    Good wishes for the e-books.

  10. juliet

    Hi Lynley, I always wonder about your melia when I look at mine. Yours can’t be long now. Thanks for your good wishes, it’s an arduous process.

  11. Ruth P

    This post is magic! One can almost feel the sap rising through the screen as all those FRESH leaves unfurl. It’s been a special day here in Central Otago as I’ve eaten my first asparagus shoot and watched out parsnips and peas sprouting!
    Fond spring wishes to you Juliet.

  12. juliet

    Ruth, how nice to see you here! thank you for your comments, and I was just thinking about asparagus today. Lucky you to eat the first shoot, and to see your parsnips and peas sprouting. I am behind with my garden planting – too busy planting and pruning ideas right now! Spring wishes to you too.

  13. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet – can quite understand your one colourness on this .. having proof read my mother’s Service sheets – I still find spelling mistakes – too late now!! I realise how difficult it is to proofread- let alone convert from screen to print ..

    Enjoy spring! The photos are great .. cheers Hilary

  14. juliet

    Hi Hilary, yes proof-reading requires a particular one-pointedness. Looking at leaves on the trees is much easier!


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