Look what we found at the beach!

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 Oooh look! Someone has climbed high in the pohutukawa with a very strong rope

 and made something that the little monkey just can’t resist.

 It’s very securely wound around the branch and expertly knotted in place.

 And now the sun has come out, making everything perfect,

 in fact as happy as can be.

 After all that excitement it’s time for the little sea bird to emerge, and go hunting for treasures once more on the edge of the tide.

Well . . . maybe just one more ride . . .

 We are so happy that it’s warm enough to play on the beach once more,

And we leave with a big thank you for the unknown swing-maker.


  1. Ruth P

    What a magical discovery! A lovely moment to enjoy and share.

  2. Lynley

    What a wonderful joy to have a swing at the beach to play on.
    Summer has begun to sneak in at last with endless delights on your beach.

    Will we see you have a little swing too Juliet?

  3. Juliet Batten

    Ruth, it was such a surprise.

    Lynley, a swing is always a great joy. I may well get tempted myself, but no promises about showing you. Hope you are enjoying some sunshine.

    Thank you Ruth and Lynley

  4. silkannthreades

    Ah, the magic of a swing. I remember it well. What a delightful spot for play and imagination.

  5. Max

    Awww, that looks like little-lass heaven to me, what a find!

  6. AnneE

    What a delightful sequence! And of course you’re right, I now seem to have no trouble commenting!

  7. Claire

    Great photo of Mira and the swing, it’s almost like a dance posture. I love it.

  8. Claire

    I meant the first photo of Mira and swing. We I first open the page only that photo came up.

  9. Juliet Batten

    *Silkannthreads, so many of us seem to have happy swing memories. It is a very special spot, and only 3 minutes walk away.

    * Max, little lass heaven, what a perfect description.

    * Anne, you made it! Which tab did you use? (handy for me to know when I help others) So glad to see you here.

    * Claire, it was like dancing. She took to the swing so naturally.

    Thank you silkannthreades, Max, Anne and Mira for your comments.

  10. Hotly Spiced

    What a great find. I think that’s fantastic. So much fun from something so simple xx

  11. Juliet Batten

    *Charlie, simple pleasures are the best, I always think. There’s so much fun to be had from a swing. Adults are using it too.

  12. Penny O'Neill

    My, how Mira has grown, Juliet, and what a wonderful surprise to find. Don’t you just love the excitement of a young child swinging?

  13. Juliet Batten

    Penny, I thought you would enjoy this one. Yes, she has grown so fast. I remember loving to swing when I was a child. Maybe you could make a swing at the Cut Off? I can think of some little ones who would be very eager to enjoy it.

  14. Vicki Lane

    What joy! I had one of these sixty years ago…

  15. Juliet Batten

    * Vicki, lucky you. A swing is such a delightful thing.


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