When little Miss Fun comes to visit, the winter days are brightened.
We have Conversations.
She tells me about her ‘friends’. One is called Rabbit, and the other ‘Rainy Day’. That’s handy. She’ll be seeing a lot of that friend at the moment.
We make things. I was given one of her old socks to turn into a doll. In my button box I found some eyes – not matching, but she liked that. And a piece of ribbon that wanted to be cut into a smile. Some string for hair, and the rest of the sock left open so it could be a puppet. Another friend.
We dance, copying elegant ballet moves. 
We draw. This is Miss Blue Flower, with a friendly yellow cat nearby, and numbers and letters.
And we learn new words. We have conversations like this: ‘But warm is hot as well.’
What do you do when you know there’s a big gap where there should be a word? Why, you find another one to do the job. And so this book, which is another in a series that I’ve been giving her from time to time, brings about recognition. She has an important thing to say. ‘This book is the same big.’
And then, because it’s a grandmother’s destiny to work out what is being meant even when it doesn’t make sense, I suddenly get it: ‘Oh yes, you are so right. It’s exactly the same size as the other one at home, isn’t it?’
And so a new word -‘size’ is learned.
Little Miss Fun and her friends brighten up the greyest of winter days.