Lights of winter

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 It’s been a long time. At last a long weekend unfolded its fan of invitation before me, and of course I said yes!

 In winter, I seek out what will light the inner fire. So on the way to the bach I turned up a steep driveway to the organic growers, knowing that my favourite winter fruit (once the feijoas have finished) would be waiting for me. Persimmons, so sweet and bright,

and fiery. Winter flares in many places, expected and unexpected.

 At the bach, the door of the cabin is glowing in the sun, welcoming me in,

 while the first jonquils exhale their sweet scent.
 It’s cold now, especially at night. The first frosts have blackened my sweet basil plants,

but I’m snug with my books and music, basking in the warmth of the log fire. Can you see the pine cones in there, that I gathered in autumn? While the fire burned down to golden embers, I listened to Mozart’s violin concertos which I have on vinyl.

The lights of winter: they reveal patterns, shapes, and hidden beauty. I return to the city feeling revived and refreshed, and full of gratitude.
What are your favourite lights of the season?


  1. Cottage Tails

    oh my persimmons are plentiful in the shops at the moment $2.99 kg last night – none were in our organic box so shop ones are next best. The weather has changed to cool – but we had a stunningly sunny Queens’ Birthday weekend yummy – with a bonfire too. BLISS. PS LOVE your red door!

  2. Juliet Batten

    Leanne, how nice to see you here. Isn’t it great to see so many persimmons in the shops – but the season doesn’t last too long. The red door is very cheery I find. Glad you enjoyed the sun over Queens Birthday weekend too.

  3. Lynley

    We were in synch today Juliet with us both posting about light and both including aloe flowers radiating warmth for winter.

    I have really enjoyed your winter lights post here. Thank you

  4. Juliet Batten

    Lynley, we definitely are in synch! Thanks for visiting, and it’s good to see you posting again.

  5. Friko


    All the same, you’ll forgive me if I let you enjoy these golden moments while I enjoy summer which is just on the doorstep?

    I hope winter will be a long way away yet for me.

  6. Penny O'Neill

    Persimmons! How lovely they are, Juliet, and I will think of you when I see them in the stores here. If only they grew in our climate.
    This morning’s sunlight was radiant and as I looked out our upstairs bedroom window, I caught it shining on one pink flower in our grassy knoll. I knew it was a toad lily abloom.

  7. Nadezda

    Your fireplace is burning so bright Juliet! I can imagine how warm you feel sitting near it and reading a book. The winter is coming, I don’t like these cold long months, but they end and spring will come!

  8. Juliet Batten

    * Friko, you can enjoy your summer fully while we go into winter!
    * Penny, what a shame persimmons don’t grow where you are. What a delight to see the toad lily flower caught in the morning sun.
    * Nadezda, I love toasting myself in front of the fire and watching the flames.

    Thank you Friko, Penny and Nadezda, good to see you and read your comments.

  9. Vicki Lane

    A lovely way to enjoy the winter! We have wild persimmons but they are quite small and mostly seed — but the possums and raccoons feast on them.

  10. Juliet Batten

    Vicki, how interesting. I didn’t know that they grew wild, but of course every kind of fruit began that way. What a shame you can’t grow big ones as they are so delicious! Thank you for visiting.

  11. Ruth P

    So beautiful to find this Juliet!
    Winter can be harsh but also has such beauty…
    Wonderful for contemplation and inspiration!!

  12. Juliet Batten

    Ruth, good to see you. I’m sure there is much beauty where you are at this time of the year. Thanks for your comment (I got it twice!)

  13. silkannthreades

    We have had lovely sunny days here too. Yesterday I bought some persimmons at the fruit and vegetable store but how I would love to pick some from the tree.Your persimmon photos are beautiful.

  14. Hotly Spiced

    You do make winter at the cabin sound very cosy. I’m sorry about your basil plants but winter at the cabin does sound rather lovely. The good thing is, our winter seasons are relatively short and it won’t be long before we feel the heat of the sun’s rays xx

  15. Juliet Batten

    * Gallivanta, until I started buying persimmons from this place in the country, I’d never seen them on the trees. I sneaked into the orchard to take the photos. A persimmon orchard is an unusual sight, to see so much fruit on bare trees.

    * Charlie, you are right; our winters are not too long. We are having glorious sunny days still so I don’t mind the cold so much.

    Thank you, Gallivanta and Charlie; good to see you.


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