It’s been a long time. At last a long weekend unfolded its fan of invitation before me, and of course I said yes!

 In winter, I seek out what will light the inner fire. So on the way to the bach I turned up a steep driveway to the organic growers, knowing that my favourite winter fruit (once the feijoas have finished) would be waiting for me. Persimmons, so sweet and bright,

and fiery. Winter flares in many places, expected and unexpected.

 At the bach, the door of the cabin is glowing in the sun, welcoming me in,

 while the first jonquils exhale their sweet scent.
 It’s cold now, especially at night. The first frosts have blackened my sweet basil plants,

but I’m snug with my books and music, basking in the warmth of the log fire. Can you see the pine cones in there, that I gathered in autumn? While the fire burned down to golden embers, I listened to Mozart’s violin concertos which I have on vinyl.

The lights of winter: they reveal patterns, shapes, and hidden beauty. I return to the city feeling revived and refreshed, and full of gratitude.
What are your favourite lights of the season?