Sticks 2 for Winter Solstice


Do you find yourself huddling against the cold, the rain or the howling wintry wind?

Do you walk through the elements with a grimace on your face and resentment in your heart, thinking, ‘This is a sod of a season’?

Do you even start thinking with envy of your friend who jumped on a plane to escape winter by spending summer in the northern hemisphere?


You might like to try this


There is a way to embrace even the soggiest, chilliest weeks of winter.

It’s about two things:

  1. Learn how to welcome in winter
  2. Discover how to kindle the inner fire

Every season deserves a good welcome, and every season has something to give. How do you create a welcome and fuel the inner fire?

Ritual is a time-honoured way.

Winter candles

How ritual can help

On the night of winter solstice, June 20, I led thirty Auckland celebrants through a welcome to winter; well more specifically, to the returning sun.

Afterwards, a number of people came up to me with glowing faces, saying they felt uplifted, moved and heart-warmed. One woman said that she had arrived feeling frazzled from her day, with too many things to attend to. She left feeling happy and energised. What had changed?


Transformation happens   

An effective ritual creates an inner shift. It provides a container for clearing away negative energies, distractions and fragmentation and restoring a sense of wholeness.

That’s what had happened for this woman. In fact, the energy in the entire room lifted as we went through a clearing, welcomed in the sun, lit candles, sang and completed with a spiral dance.

I left with a feeling of great happiness. The inner fire had been kindled, and when I walked the streets in pouring rain today to do my shopping, I felt I was carrying the sun inside me.


Steiner Lantern Festival 5-2016

Would you like to learn the seven principles of ritual so that you can create your own? It’s fun and immensely rewarding.

This is why I’m offering my online course The Sacred Art of Ritual once more. Click here to learn more.