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 At last, a bright, warm spring day! What shall we do?

 Let’s dig in the sand. Let’s turn the darkness into a castle.

Let’s make a flower castle!

 Yes, we filled our bag with all that we would need, on our way here.

The fairies will love this. We’ll leave it for them to play in.

 And now that we’re back home, let’s make an orange candle. First we will squeeze the orange and drink the juice. Then we’ll scrape it out and stud it with cloves. Smell them! Aren’t they spicy?

Here it is, all ready to show mummy when she comes. And you will take it home with you to show daddy too. Bye Bye. So good to see you, my darling spring sprite!


  1. Vicki Lane

    You have such lovely inspirations!

  2. Friko

    You have the most delightful ideas.
    Any child would be lucky to have you for a grandma.

    I am going to copy your orange candle when advent comes round.

  3. Marja

    Oh what a marvellous idea I love it
    What fun you had

  4. Penny O'Neill

    A flower castle! What an imaginative idea, Juliet, and, l am going to borrow your idea of an orange candle. I like Friko’s idea of using it for Advent. I see you have a link above in your reply, so, off I go . . .

  5. juliet

    * Marja, we certainly had lots of fun, and the warm spring weather was on our side.

    * Penny, I can just see you doing an orange candle for your little ones. Have fun.

  6. Hotly Spiced

    I love your orange candle. That must not only give a lovely glow but also send a beautiful aroma through the house. A lovely thing to do at Christmas time, I’d imagine xx

  7. juliet

    Hi Charlie, yes it glows beautifully. It would be great for Christmas, and even better for winter solstice when our family has a mid-winter Christmas dinner (mid June). Cloves have such a pervasive, spicy smell – very nice.

  8. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet – I hadn’t thought about squeezing the juice out and just studding the halves with cloves and then putting a candle into it – what a great idea ..

    The little one must have been so pleased as too her parents … and your play on the sands as they warm up … the frangipani looks scented as I remember it ..

    Cheers Hilary


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