Easter (or thereabouts) is when I create a treasure hunt. I used to do one for my son, then for my granddaughter who is now 20, and now for the little one. First she has to ‘Look in the box where the music lives’. Aha, it’s Granny’s concertina box. Then ‘find the palest yellow flower in a pot on the balcony. ‘What does “palest” mean?’
The next clue sends her running up to the letter box to find a note saying, ‘Look for a plant with round white flowers’. Then ‘Search the bouganvillia.’

 It’s such fun when you know exactly where to go for the next clue,

 but others are more tricky. What is the difference between a lime grove and a lemon grove?

 Ah, so that’s it.

 And now to follow the trail of small leaves to the secret garden, a place where you have never been before.

 The trail is getting warm,

 And here’s the first treasure,

 the second,

 the third,

 and the fourth.

 oh what fun!

We don’t do sugary things, but there are plenty of other treats to be had. The little angel made of glass will watch over you, the chickens are pronounced ‘delicate’ but soft to the touch, and stickers are always well received.
Easter falls in autumn in the southern hemisphere, and it requires sharp timing to lay a trail between showers and before the wind blows away the clues, but today we managed. It was a little later than planned, but it’s never too late to have fun. We finish with warm Easter buns laden with butter. Yum.