Have you noticed the health of the earth right now?

Smog has lifted from the cities, discharge has eased off in the waterways, and C02 emissions are dramatically reduced worldwide.


Many people have reported an increase in bird song as cities have become quieter, free from the noise of traffic. I’ve heard the riroriro singing across the driveway and my friends heard a ruru/morepork the other night.

People too, despite anxiety about their health and loved ones, have become kinder and friendlier despite — or maybe because of — the two metre space between everyone.


Where would you place yourself in this sequence?

1. Survival
2. Stabilising
3. Strengthening
4. Growth

Wherever you are at, how might you draw on the health of nature at this time, to help you stabilise, strengthen and grow?


Gardens and walks

Many of my readers are sharing on my Facebook page how much they are enjoying spending time in their neglected gardens.

I am unable to get out to my bach garden, but I am tending vegetables and flowers in the pots on my balcony, here in the city. Each day I take a barefoot walk in my local park, feeling the benefits of this simple practice. I have discovered new trees and sheltered corners as I walk with a new, slower pace.

Today my intention is simple: to remind you once more of this source of solace and health in nature. Going there will be good for your immune system, good for your heart, and good for your soul.

I offer you some images of the gratitude offerings I’ve been creating as I lean into nature’s quiet embrace.



How is nature holding you during this time of lockdown?




PS Would you like a delicious home ritual to nourish and uplift you at this time? Choose one for your season: harness the energies of spring or store the goodness of autumn.



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