On my way to the bach in the weekend, I bought blueberries, knowing that they will soon be coming to an end. I stopped at the organic growers and bought one of their last bags of beefsteak tomatoes. Look at them, so full of red richness, almost bursting out of their skins. My courgette plants were all spent, for the garden is suffering from dryness, but I managed to buy a few courgettes also, enough to concoct perhaps the last ratatouille of the season.
I felt sad to know that the ingredients for my favourite summer dish were at an and.

 But then Sylvia, the organic grower said, ‘We’ve just picked the first of the feijoas this morning. Would you like a bag?’ Would I?!
 I love feijoas and can devour them very quickly. Despite my reluctance to acknowledge that cooler days must be here, together with the feijoas, I carried the bag to the bach with my mouth watering. (But dear reader, no gratification yet, because they need to ripen a little).

 Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the last of the summer garden on my deck at home. You know how it is: people and plants often have a colourful flare of life as they reach the grand finale.

 As long as I water the pots every day, the flowers are very happy.

 And what’s this? the first of the passion fruit. Unprepossessing I know, but so delicious.

 I laughed at the sign at the Health Food shop. Sometimes I feel like a passion fruit on the outside,

so it’s comforting to be reminded of the sweetness that lies within. Yes, it’s the end of summer now, and life is rich and good.