Kiwi Halloween tonight, April 30, the night of the dead. Mira and I prepared the pumpkins. She loved popping out the ‘eyes’ from the inside, and watching the grin appear.

Here they are, together with my black cloth, feathers, and flax woven bands, all ready to pack up for tonight,

where I’ll be on Ponsonby Rd with my helpers, keeping vigil for all those who wish to come and light a candle or pumpkin lantern in memory of their loved ones who have died.
I’ve shed some tears this afternoon, remembering my dear old teacher, Jim Okeroa, who died last year. I always designate a special area for those who have died since the last Halloween. The names keep accumulating.
The event brings up sadness, and yet comfort as well, to be part of an ancient tradition, remembering those who have passed over.
It’s satisfying to mark our own Halloween, in late autumn when the nights are growing longer, pumpkins are ripe and the leaves are falling.