Kiss of spring

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Does your garden talk to you? Reach out to touch you, even?

I was weeding and removing dying leaves from the spring bulbs that were well past their best. Only a few weeks ago the freesias were bursting with fragrance and blossom. Now the flowers were gone and the long slim leaves were drooping.
As I weeded, I reflected on how I was like those drooping leaves. I felt spent.

The prolonged effort of getting my new book to the printer had drained me and narrowed my focus. I was weary from the tight task of looking at commas, semi-colons and apostrophes. I was empty of words.

A flash

Suddenly I glimpsed a flash of golden yellow on my left sleeve. Then another on my right. I had been dusted with pollen. But where from?

Then, in the centre of the amaryllis flower I spotted its stamens, laden with bounty, desirous of a recipient.

Now you may think me foolish, but I felt unaccountably happy that I had been chosen.

I might even dare to say that I felt blessed.



Different spiritual traditions speak of the power of transmission. It can happen through touch — the hem of the garment, a look, or even through a thought.

What happened with the amaryllis made me wonder if nature has its own way of reaching out and creating a transmission of energy.

The lost festival

The timing was serendipitous, for I’d been absorbed in a sad thought. I was wondering why we don’t celebrate Beltane, the festival of growth and resurrection. I was thinking that spring represented a lost opportunity for rejoicing.

Then in a flash I was dusted with gold. I was reminded that spring is a season loaded with pollen and flying with fertility.

On one level, this can be a nuisance if you suffer from hay fever.

But on another level, pollen is a symbol for the energy of propagation, that seeks consummation.

I was kindled by this transmission from the amaryllis. It stimulated new thoughts and ideas.


Opening to new possibilities

Where do you receive transmission and new energy? What kindles you, quickens you, and lifts you into something new?


A spring festival

What if you were to create a spring festival for Beltane or beyond, one that is about an exchange of seeds, flowers, leaves, song, taste — anything that sparks new life and regeneration?

You sit in a circle and gift one another with these symbols, and with them, a wish. You transmit hope and happiness into one another. You experience the kiss of spring.

I wish you happy spring days. May the plants and flowers speak to you, touch you and bring you joy.



‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’
—Nikola Tesla


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  1. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet – congratulations on your new book – well done for getting it ready for publishing. I love spring, but then each season offers something doesn’t it … my life is about to change – more on the blog anon … but enjoy your rejuvinating spring time.

    Your photo is a delight – Cheers Hilary

    • Juliet Batten

      Thank you Hilary. I’ll pop over to see your blog soon – have been rather preoccupied, as you’ll gather.

  2. REe

    thanks Juliet this blog landed with perfect timing, loved it – very grateful – Ree

    • Juliet Batten

      Ree, I’m so glad! Thank you, and spring blessings.

  3. Penny Geddis

    Lovely that your book launch is on my birthday (sad I can’t make it)!
    Beltane is my favourite festival and I always celebrate it (November is my favourite month). There’s nothing like wearing the green (and November is so wonderfully green amongst the blossom), and having a bonfire on the beach.
    You have a person looking for a pagan group in Taranaki/New Plymouth? I’m not there sorry, but I’m shortly to start the Eastern Light Fellowship in Napier, which will also be a practical, Southern Hemisphere learning/celebration/training group for those in the Hawke’s Bay area. I’ve been Solitary for the past eight years and I’m looking forward to group work again!

    • Juliet Batten

      Penny, what a great season for a birthday, with so much greening all around. How wonderful that you are starting a new group! I’ll let my readers know if you like. I’ve just put the full book cover up on my Facebook page

      • Penny Geddis

        Hi Juliet,
        Please do – they can either go to our Trade Me Service site under member: name neath_the_rose to be given the link to email us through Trade Me
        or, they can search our Facebook page ‘Neath The Rose’ and message Rebecca about it
        or, they could go the old-fashioned route and email me direct on at for more information!

  4. Norah

    What a beautiful image about nature and renewal.

    • Juliet Batten

      Thank you Norah, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Dana Leigh Lyons

    Love your recounting of being “dusted with gold” and receiving transmission, Juliet. Reading it filled me with hope and glimpses of something different from where I am now. Thank you.

    • Juliet Batten

      Thank you Dana, and I wish you the dusting of gold from the love of your community. I’ve been following a teaching today that the energy of consciousness is available in every moment, whether we are rich or poor, healthy or unwell, happy or not. Moment by moment, I like that.


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