Jade plant in spring

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Here we are, between blossoming and leafing. As I wait for the leaves to appear on the trees all around me, my attention is drawn to the jade plant on my balcony. Its leaves are brightening, and the new growth is bright yellow, with red tips.

I think of butterfly wings opening. . .

or a fresh young face, cheerful and innocent  –  open to life and the new season.

Anything simple always interests me—David Hockney


  1. Marilyn

    I have been watching my jade plants too and enjoying their lovely colour. Lovely photos Juliet.

  2. Hilary

    Hi Juliet .. they are beautiful .. I’ve seen a jade green creeper from China I guess at the Eden Project ..but not this jade plant .. thanks – Hilary

  3. Ruth P

    What beautiful jade images! We don’t have anything like that here in Central. But the growing carpet of new bergamot leaves/sproutlets is spreading hope in my herb garden – and reminds me of the gorgeous tall blooms to come later in the summer.

  4. lifeonthecutoff

    What a wonderful image of this plant “open to life and a new season”. It is so life-affirming to watch new growth on plants that have been dormant throughout the winter, isn’t it, Juliet. Your blog brings smiles this way.


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