Is this you?


Do any of these scenarios seem familiar?


Midlife disorientation:

You are coming into midlife, and feel a sense of unnamed loss. Work, relationships, recreation, the things that used to sparkle with pleasure now seem jaded and meaningless. You feel empty inside and wonder whether life is now over for you.


Disconnection from nature:

A fantastic holiday takes you to the sea, bush, mountains or lake. Your spirit soars. You feel relaxed, open and free, just the way you love to be. But on your return, life closes in. You can’t afford another holiday right now, and without getting away it feels impossible to get that sense of freedom back again.


Another growth phase:

You relish the adventure of discovering what lies around the next corner. Your life has been filled with growth. But you are going through a new phase where satisfaction with the old ways is waning. You sense that something more awaits you, but don’t know how to find it.


Facing ageing:

You are in your late fifties, sixties or seventies, and health problems are starting to show up. Your energy is not what it was. When you think about physical decline, you feel rather depressed. The more you focus on your body the worse you feel, because in fact you are focussing on the very thing that brings you down.


Integrating spirituality with daily life:

You have a spiritual practice, which is bringing much meaning into your life. But you are having trouble integrating peak experiences into daily existence. You are seeking a greater level of integration.


Seasonal dislocation:

You live in the southern hemisphere, and feel alienated by the northern hemisphere festivals that have been imposed on the calendar of the year: Christmas in summer, Easter in autumn and Halloween in spring — they all feel out of joint somehow. You would like to find a sense of alignment with the seasons, but don’t know where to start.


The need to refresh your purpose:

You feel that life has become mundane and routine, lacking in dimension. Your mind is cluttered and you feel constantly tired. You long to find breathing space, but there is always so much to do. Every day feels the same. Your sense of purpose has dwindled.




My work will speak to you if:

  • You are in midlife or beyond, maybe caring for aged parents or facing your own physical challenges, and want to age in the most positive way

  • You enjoy connecting with nature, through gardening, farming, walking, or other outdoor activities

  • You are a seeker who wants to integrate the sacred into everyday life

  • You wish to create rituals and ceremonies to honour nature through the cycle of the year

  • You care for the earth and its people

You will relate to my work if these values are dear to you:

  • You cherish loving connection: with others, your own self, or with nature

  • You have a spiritual practice or are seeking spiritual connection

  • You are attracted to the adventure of growth and transformation

  • You know the importance of passion in taking you beyond your limits

  • You are courageous, and willing to face the shadow

  • You wish to care for the earth in the best possible way


You may be wondering, can my approach really help you?

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