In the quiet of winter

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 In the quiet of winter, I notice things that would pass unseen in the colourful, distracting days of summer. I discover textures, and subtle colours, such as this wall. I notice two brave shoots that have pierced the stony ground.

 The colours of a simple brick wall take on their own beauty in the slanting winter light,

 and a seat invites contemplation.

I sit quietly to observe, as a heron stalks the tide line

and finds a tasty morsel buried in the mud.
Many people have flown to the northern hemisphere in search of the sun. Others have gone to the Pacific Islands. It is school holidays, and the city has emptied out its cargo of frantic activity. But I like to stay over winter, entering my cave of contemplation, seeing what usually would pass me by, and discovering treasure in unlikely places. I’ve settled into my winter rhythm, and am content.


  1. Hotly Spiced

    I’d have liked to have flown to the Northern Hemisphere for some sun. After a very cold summer, some UVs would be most welcome. Great that you are content in your cave though xx

  2. juliet

    Thanks Charlie. I did a comment yesterday, but couldn’t get it to post. I hope the sun comes your way soon. We are having a beautiful sunny weekend right now.

  3. Lynley

    Winter does peel back things allowing us to consider and observe things previously unseen.

    I’m glad the sun has shone for you this weekend Juliet as you rest in contentment.

  4. juliet

    Thanks Lynley. I’m enjoying seeing what winter is revealing to me.

  5. cecilia

    I love your pages, i have to admit that i often read without commenting because I like to take away your words not mine.. love the heron. a peaceful day at the beach.. c

  6. juliet

    Cecilia, glad you made it. The heron is so patient, I immediately feel peaceful when watching. Thank you.

  7. lifeonthecutoff

    Ii can feel your contentment, Juliet, and appreciate your stillness and joy of winter. There have been a few days here in the northern hemisphere, with our blistering heat that is has been breaking records, that your winter sounds inviting. I have a good friend that is coming home from a trip with her grandson tomorrow and can’t wait to hear about her journey the past few weeks to New Zealand.

  8. Joan

    Lovely to read on a cold day ..and so west coast too. After sunny days out and about with the children, it is lovely to spend today warm inside catching up on chores. A real cave day for sure.

  9. juliet

    Penny, I hope you found this soothing. How delightful that you are about to have fresh reports from your friend – about NZ and also a grandchild. I really feel for you in that withering heat you are having.

  10. juliet

    Joan, thanks for visiting. It’s nice to hunker down when the weather is cold.


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