In the Green Lane

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Walking around Greenlane hospital this morning, I wondered what signs of regeneration there were to lift the spirits of sick and injured people. The trees are still bare, although the one on the left is showing a brightening of the twigs, which are turning yellow.

But leaves are slower to sprout than flowers. Most of the trees are still in winter, while the flowers are dancing in the spring sunshine.

Magnolias are spreading their heavenly perfume around the streets and hospital grounds.

And I saw my first bee, working the koromiko flowers very happily.
The inevitable flowering of this season eases my aching heart and weary arm. Even the bare trees, that seem arrested in winter’s dormancy, will also respond to the rising sap and put out their leaves, all in due course.
Every spring is the only spring – a perpetual astonishment.  ~Ellis Peters


  1. lifeonthecutoff

    Your pictures of the emerging spring are beautiful, Juliet, and I do hope they help to ease your pains and the sorrow at hand. That is such a lovely quote.

  2. ruth

    Warmest spring blossom thoughts from Central Otago for your wrist and challenges this season. The photos are beautiful as is the quote.

  3. Marilyn

    What a wonderful quote. I do hope that the beauty of spring does ease your heart and soul.

  4. juliet

    Thank you Penny, Ruth and Marilyn; your kind comments are much appreciated. Yes, the beauty all around has a softening effect. I brought a bunch of freesias to my granddaughter the day I heard the news of her boyfriend’s death; just wanting to bring hope and life to set besides the tragedy.

  5. Hilary

    Hi Juliet – good to meet you, but I am so sorry for the loss your granddaughter has just experienced .. she must be in huge shock: my thoughts to all.

    I’m going to love visiting and see NZ blossom into Spring .. our Autumn is kicking off early .. plenty of apples 3 – 4 weeks earlier than usual, the spiders too from the wet summer, and the gales that have been blowing now for 36 hours seem a little much .. it’s not that cold – but I can feel it coming.

    Nice to meet you .. with thoughts though – Hilary

  6. Lynley

    No sign of honey bees here yet but I have spotted some bumbles on the rosemary.

    Thank you for the colours of spring while your world must have a grey toning right now.

    I hope your arm is healing to plan and love and support encompasses your aching heart.

  7. juliet

    Thanks Lynley and Hilary, and I hope the honey bees turn up in the south before too long. Your kind thoughts are much appreciated.


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