In the deep midwinter

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In the deep midwinter, a woman is writing . . . and a new book is emerging.
In the deep midwinter, a woman is reading . . . researching the subject of ageing, with the help of inspiring elders. 
In the deep midwinter, a woman is planting . . .  garlic for the winter solstice, to be harvested in midsummer.
In the deep midwinter, a woman is growing . . .  a hyacinth in a dark cupboard, away from the light.
In the deep midwinter, this woman is smiling . . . at how the imagination flares in the dark and silent days.


  1. Anne Ruffell

    I love this post – I can hear you saying the words you have written and stirring it all up in a big earthenware pot to produce your insightful writing! How lovely that you have used the yellow field on the cover of your current journal. You can see the same trees in my picture of the blue flax field (on the lefthand side). I woke this morning not sure of what I would do today and now I am inspired to take the photographs from which I plan to do an abstract panel of 6 pictures. They will be based on paua shells.

  2. juliet

    What a lovely comment Anne; thank you. I wondered if that photo was in the same area. I look forward to seeing your paua panels!

  3. Joan

    Oh ho! The Dangerous Older Woman at work and such an inspiration she is! Planning and writing and planting and growing and out of the darkness and chaos comes….. A Book! aCan’t wait! xoxo

  4. juliet

    Thanks Joan, you made me chuckle! Emerging out of chaos is an apt description of the process.

  5. lifeonthecutoff

    Juliet, I can feel the energy in your words all these miles away. I love winter as much as summer and you remind me today of why. Best.

  6. juliet

    Thank you Penny; we are certainly in the polarities at the moment, and I’m enjoying experiencing that through your blog. It’s so wonderful to have this connection across the hemispheres.

  7. growMama

    i love that melon smile! winter seems the perfect time to be gestating a book, especially one on powerful cronehood – love to think of you writing.

  8. Lynley

    It has been a grey, cold week here with the odd splash of colour to lift me. Your photos have offered me uplifting colours and hope that something will emerge for me from the dark…..blogging and taking photos is certainly holding my attention. And maybe there is a seed around writing something on resiliency based on my experiences????
    I am finding your books captivating and so encouraging….thank you:-)

  9. juliet

    Thank you Anissa; glad you like the smile. It’s a persimmon that I cut especially! And thanks Lynley for your kind remarks. I’m glad you are enjoying my books.


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