In spring I photographed this very bank, when it was shimmering white with onion weed. Now, in autumn, red clover is sprinkled around, with its fulsome flowers passing into seed heads.
On the way back from my walk a couple of days ago, I noticed a splash of colour amidst the clover. Can you see it, in the centre of this photo?

I moved closer, to discover . . .

Here it is, the last of the monarchs (or so I imagined; a variation on the last swallow of summer). Then I saw a fat bumble bee, feasting on the flowers, but I wasn’t quick enough to catch it.

This week I heard that the godwits had departed.

Before flying off, the monarch gave me a display of its bright interior.

Autumn: it’s a poignant time; a season of endings, with flashes of richness.