Today the wind died down. And the sun shone all day. My mind didn’t want to focus on work, and so I packed my backpack and went to the beach.

 Sitting under the trees, listening to the tide slipping across the sand and shells was soothing,

 and I wondered if I might take my first swim

 and then I thought, well no, it’s not exactly blazing hot.

 On the beach teenage school girls were enjoying the last of their holidays. They were playing music and then every now and then would burst into song. Of course! Lorde has just won the Grammys and now every 17 year old aspires to be like her. Lorde arrived back in the country today, jet lagged and exhausted after all the excitement. But a whole generation of young women is now dreaming of greatness.

And so, maybe today did mark the arrival of summer. For when we break into song and our dreams burst into bloom, that’s the season of warmth, long days, fun and drifting in the blue.