Start with an A4 pad of heavy paper or card (or choose a larger size if you like). Fold the long edge and notch it.

 Then cut out ‘windows’. They can be any shape. Decorate around them with paints or coloured pencils.

 Little ones will of course want to join in and make their own.

 On the other side, glue tissue paper or cellophane over the ‘windows’.

 This is how it will look on the outside.

 Then curl it around and staple into a cylinder shape. Cut a circle of card to fit the base and glue or tape it in place. It will sit on the folded, notched tab that you made at the start.

Finally, cut a strip of card to staple to the top to form a handle.

Now, here’s the secret. With such a narrow lantern, it wouldn’t be very safe to put a lighted candle inside. You can now buy little LED tea-light candles at a party or church supply shop. Just click the little switch underneath and your candle is lit. It will even flicker like a real one. They come in different colours. For the lanterns I used yellow as they looked closest to a real flame.

And here it is, your magic lantern, glowing in the dark. Have fun!