First, make sure it’s still there. Yes, there it is, peeping through the trees. Say hello.

Then check the vegetable garden; see what’s grown (beside weeds). Note, from the corner of your eye, all the maintenance tasks that are jumping up and down to get your attention.

 Ignore them, and pick flowers.

There, that’s better. Step inside and note, from the corner of your eye, all the dusting, cleaning and clearing that is crying out to be done.

 Ignore it all, and make a cup of tea from the kawakawa leaves you picked from outside. Maori tradition says that the insect-eaten leaves are superior. You are not sure, so pick one of each.

 Prepare a refreshing snack, and bring it out to the deck with your tea. On the way, you hear dozens of jobs squealing out to be done.

 Ignore them. Listen to the bird song.
Watch clouds.
You have arrived.