How to arrive at a bach

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 First, make sure it’s still there. Yes, there it is, peeping through the trees. Say hello.

Then check the vegetable garden; see what’s grown (beside weeds). Note, from the corner of your eye, all the maintenance tasks that are jumping up and down to get your attention.

 Ignore them, and pick flowers.

There, that’s better. Step inside and note, from the corner of your eye, all the dusting, cleaning and clearing that is crying out to be done.

 Ignore it all, and make a cup of tea from the kawakawa leaves you picked from outside. Maori tradition says that the insect-eaten leaves are superior. You are not sure, so pick one of each.

 Prepare a refreshing snack, and bring it out to the deck with your tea. On the way, you hear dozens of jobs squealing out to be done.

 Ignore them. Listen to the bird song.
Watch clouds.
You have arrived.


  1. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet .. love the arrival at the Back – could fly over and spend the Spring and summer with you! Enjoy … despite the dusting – a little spring vesper will blow that dust away ..

    The Maori idea for tea – sounds interesting and I like your take – one of each … hedging bets – I do that quite often!!

    Cheers Hilary

  2. Hotly Spiced

    Even though there was cleaning to be done on your arrival, it does sound very peaceful and relaxing with plenty of time to get around to the chores. Love the look of your lettuce snack xx

  3. Marja

    Juliet what a lovely place, a lovely time and food. It hardly can’t get any better. I hope you have many more of these moments. Arohanui, marja

  4. juliet

    * Hilary, nice to see you, and glad you could fly over in Blogspace and have a virtual visit. Hedging bets, yes it’s a handy strategy. Kawakawa tea is supposed to have many health-giving properties. It has a slightly peppery taste. Thanks.

    * Charlie, it was relaxing, and the snack was great – quark on home-made seed biscuits. Thanks.

    * Marja, I am very lucky to have the bach, but it does take some looking after! Thank you.

  5. Ruth P

    Absolutely beautiful! Love the example of choices and more choices in this post. We can, everyday, choose so much of how we want to savour our time and experience! Enjoy your time up there!!

  6. juliet

    Ruth, what a pleasure to see you here. Yes, it was one choice after another; such a discipline and yet well worth it. thank you.

  7. Vicki Lane

    Juliet — thanks for visiting my blog where summer is winding down. I’ve never visited NZ in person but have learned to love it through several blogs — I can see I’ll be adding yours. And you’re a writer and a gardener too — we have a lot in common on our different sides of the world.

  8. juliet

    Hi Vicki, thanks for visiting, and I look forward to visiting yours again too.

  9. Lynley

    Oh that “chore oriented” eye so many of us have! Well done on shutting that eye while you eased into this lovely space you have.

    Your lettuce snack looked delicious.

  10. juliet

    Hi Lynley, yes it takes a bit of discipline to shut down that eye – but well worth it! Thanks.

  11. lifeonthecutoff

    Wonderful. I’m trying, myself, to ignore the dust within and the weeds without that have accumulated since my absence. i’d much rather catch up on your posts.

  12. juliet

    Oh Penny, I understand! You have been focussing on new life, and meanwhile the old life goes on. Thank you, nice to see you here again.


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