My granddaughter and I wandered through the park, picking up anything that was dying or dead: tiny pine cones that had been shaken down in the storm before they had ripened, mature cones, silvery sticks, autumn leaves, maple seed balls and more.

Here, on the threshold of winter, my message is simple:

Begin with observing nature.



Collect what is dying in nature.



Contemplate the dying part of the seasonal cycle.



Pause on the threshold.

Honour the transition into the dark.

Remember your loved ones who have died between April 30 — Samhain — and May 2.

Light a candle for them in a simple ceremony of honouring.

Be still.

Release the tears that may have been waiting to flow. This is their time. This is your time to pause, to feel, and to know you are part of a larger cycle.

Even now, the northern hemisphere is in peak greening.
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Greening will come again in the south also. But for now we are about to take the plunge into the depth and quiet of winter.


Don’t be afraid. There is beauty in dying just as there is beauty in growth. Every season holds gifts as well as challenges.

You may like to make something from the dying plants, as I have in this season of storms and challenges.



May Last Light be a time of stillness and meaning.

May your candles burn brightly.

Autumn blessings,



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