Hello summer!

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I couldn’t believe it! As I walked down to the jetty this morning, the sun was shining and the sea was blue.

A cold wind blew in from the south, but as I descended to the sea, all was calm. I stood in a patch of morning sun, my gaze drifting out across the blue, as I began my Tai Chi. The tide was in again, and I could hear the lapping of the sea against the shore. As I did ‘Opening Arms, expanding chest,’ I felt as if the sea was flowing inside me and my lungs were full of blue sky. How different this was from my Tai Chi in the rain, only a day ago!

 Different sea birds arrived this morning. No more herons or waders — they are low tide birds. The high tide birds are the shags. The first one arrived and perched on the nearby boat ramp, watching for fish.

 The water was so clear. A second shag arrived, and spent a long time drying out her wings, spreading them right out. I too was moving into ‘spreading my wings’ — well, that’s not exactly what it was called, but as I do Tai Chi with the natural world, I find myself giving some of the movements new names.

I didn’t photograph the two shags together, because I was in the flow of the movements by then. But at the end I was just in time to catch the second shag, spreading her wings once more, but this time as a prelude to flight.
What variety and change I’m discovering, simply by doing the same practice each morning in the same spot.
PS  I took a walk later, and bought fish for my dinner. This felt perfect, after moving in unison to the fish-eaters this morning. I hope the shags had a good feed too.
PPS Some people have had trouble recently, posting comments on blogspot sites. I’ve removed the word verification, hoping to make it easier for you all. Do let me know if you are still there!


  1. juliet

    Penny, great to see you back here! Thank you.

  2. Ruth

    Dear Juliet, Yes I’m still here, back at work now,and envying you your time beside the sea, which sounds wonderful. Love, Ruth

  3. juliet

    Hi Ruth, thanks for dropping by. I enjoyed reading about your holiday. I’m so loving being by the sea each morning; it’s a great way to start the day.

  4. Lynley

    It looks so enticing Juliet. I’m glad summer has reached Auckland at last.

  5. juliet

    Thank you Lynley, it’s been a long wait. I hope the sun is smiling on you too.

  6. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet .. great photos and story – love the way you’re renaming your Tai Chi moves – you’ll remember them more easily too ..

    I love your description of scooping the sea ..

    Beautiful photos – enjoy summer while it’s with you .. cheers Hilary

  7. juliet

    Hi Hilary, glad you enjoyed it. It’s certainly fun making up new names for the Tai Chi moves.


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