Hecate’s place, Te Henga

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APRIL 1983


It is April 1983. I am drawn to making a large pit in the sand, big enough to lie in. I dig a deeper hole within it; add shells, seaweed, sticks and a feather. It feels like a shrine, something secret.

I add water to the hole within the pit. There is a sense of deepening. When I stand back I see I have made a small grave.

I then realise it is Southern Hemisphere Halloween, the time of Hecate the Crone, goddess of night, death, and the waning moon. I name the piece ‘Hecate’s Place.

(From Power from Within, with some additions, p. 3)



Hecate – from typed note inside my artist’s notebook.

I made a mistake with the date. It should have said ‘Repeat each Halloween (April 30)’.



Later this sand work became part of a painting, exhibited at Denis Cohn Gallery as part of the ‘Ongoing Rituals’ exhibition. The Listener featured it in their Arts Diary, October 20, 1984


Hecate II, 1984, colour xerox, acrylic on Arches paper

(the original is not so bright in colour)



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