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It’s done! Dear blog friends, I have just brought in the harvest of over two year’s work: my new book.
I like to savour such moments. Before I set out to walk to the post shop, I enjoyed crunching into one of these ‘NZ Beauty’ apples, which are now filling the bins at the Health Food shop.

I like to deliver such a precious package by taking my time. I also sampled some of these Angeleno plums, that have now been picked and brought to the shops. As I tasted the dark red flesh, I reflected on the ripeness of my writing, how ready it is to leave me now, and eventually to be tasted by others.

I cut open the one passionfruit that I have, because I wanted to show you the passion that has gone into this creative project.

And before I packaged up the manuscript, I held a little ceremony of thanksgiving, offering the work back to the source from which it came.
As I walked along the streets, I felt a mix of warm sun on my back and cool autumn wind at my front. The season is turning.
This weekend we turn our clocks back, and the evenings will be dark much earlier. But the cicadas were still singing as I turned up the hill, and at the post shop I found the nice man at the counter, who advised me to pay a little more so the parcel can be tracked. I’m submitting the work for an award for an unpublished ms. It will be several months before I hear anything, and meanwhile I give thanks for the harvest. Although the work has been hard at times, it has also been as sweet and juicy as the fruits of this season.


  1. Max

    How exciting! Any hints about the subject matter? Good luck with it x

  2. Ruth P

    Wonder to hear your manuscript milestone Juliet! A wonderful harvest for you this year … and for us lucky readers in due course I hope!!

  3. juliet

    Thanks for the good wishes, Max and Ruth. Subject matter is a positive perspective on ageing.

  4. Elisabeth

    May it meet recognition, Juliet, your manuscript. Such a rich harvest.

  5. juliet

    Elisabeth, thank you. And I hope your writing is going well too.

  6. cecilia g

    Oh you wonderfully clever woman. to finish a book! Awesome. Do you have an agent? how is all this working? is it about food? well done Juliet i am thrilled for you.. c

  7. Penny

    What a wonderful way to celebrate your completion, Juliet, and to savor this moment of all your hard labor coming to fruition. I always appreciate the way you honor the moments in your life.

    The fruit all looks so fresh and delicious. We get Gala apples from New Zealand and enjoy them. I will keep my eyes open for the ‘NZ Beauty”. How sweet to see the flower atop your manuscript. Such a form of endearment. Well done!

  8. juliet

    Hi Cecilia, you worked out how to comment! Thanks for visiting. I’ve had 2 different NZ publishers for past books, & will now think about the next step; however a condition of the award is that it hasn’t (yet) been accepted for publication – so my hands are tied for the next 4 or 5 months.
    Penny, thank you for joining in the celebration & for your kind comments. Gala apples are great favourites of mine, and only just coming into season. How nice that they travel all the way to you in the midwest USA>

  9. Ruth G

    Congratulations on a labour well completed, and well honoured. May your manuscript be received with the same care you have used to send it on its journey.

  10. juliet

    Thank you Ruth, what a nice blessing.

  11. Hotly Spiced

    I had no idea you were writing a book. Congrats on getting it published. You must be so excited. Looking forward to seeing it. This weekend we turn our clocks back too. It’s such a sad occasion as we are forced to realise the summer is no more xx

  12. juliet

    Hi Charley, yes it’s another book (I’ve published 7 before) – but not yet at publication stage, just unpublished ms award entry as yet. Publication is the next step, but I have to wait till the end of July as a condition of the award is not having it accepted by a publisher. It’s going to be a jolt when the clocks go back – a sad occasion indeed.

  13. Marja

    ” offering the work back to the source from which it came” profound knowledge which is a rich harvest as well

  14. juliet

    Thanks Marja; you understand what I’m talking about re offering back.

  15. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet .. congratulations on your achievement – harvested = absolutely right. Well done .. and I so love the photos – great post .. and offering back: I must start practising that knowledge base ..

    Enjoy the extra hour, but not the dark hours .. mind you thank you world for turning – we are now into Arctic shock time .. cold air coming down – after our beautiful early Spring …!!

    Cheers Hilary

  16. juliet

    Hilary, thank you for your good wishes. Today was an extra hour long, and I did make the most of it. Hope your spring warms up again soon.


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