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The mellowness of autumn is here. As I watch the evening light falling on the flame tree, making the trunk glow like the coals in a warm fire, I reflect on my own harvest.

Yes, carton after carton arrived after being unloaded from the Cap Manuel, that sailed from Hong Kong last month. There was one little glitch. The man dragged the whole pallet down my steep drive, only to discover that he’d unloaded the wrong one from this truck. He attempted to deliver 50 boxes of heavy handles! However, we got the right ones up the stairs and into my living room

where I welcomed them home with hibiscus flowers and bright music. Then opened the first carton to reveal — da daw!

A delicious, new, fresh paper-smell of real book.

‘Spirited Ageing’ has been well and truly launched, with a big event at The Women’s Bookshop in Auckland, last Tuesday evening. The shop was crowded and I was put on a coffee table behind the counter so that everyone could see me and hear my talk.
I was surrounded in well-wishers.
What a glad moment this is, when the harvest has been brought in and now can be distributed to all who wish to partake of it.

I have received so much! One of the contributors made me this little flax kete (kit) to mark the occasion. My water bottle nestles inside just perfectly.

I know some of you have asked how to buy the book. My new website went live today. Go to http://www.julietbatten.co.nz and there you will find the books page. You can contact me through the contact form and I will send you details. You can pay using your credit card on PayPal and it’s all very easy. Your book will arrive in the mail about a week later.


I want to thank the bloggers whose words have inspired parts of the book:

Penny from http://lifeonthecutoff.wordpress.com for her funny stories and demonstrating so beautifully how to maintain a positive attitude even when things are tumbling down around you.

Amanada Trought at http://realityarts-creativity.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/z-challenge-reflection-2012.html  for her moving accounts of caring for her mother who has dementia. She took this as her theme for her A-Z challenge in 2012.

Joan from  http://sempiterna-me.blogspot.co.nz  for being a contributor to each chapter. She is away from her blog at present, walking the Camino Trail in Spain.

Anne Eldredge Harris (94) for her inspiring computer art, which you can see at http://www.art.net/~anne/

Barbara Wells Sarudy, who has a marvellous art blog at http://bjws.blogspot.co.nz  Barbara posted a poem by Betty Lockwood about ageing. When I couldn’t locate the book in New Zealand, Barbara sent me her copy. So generous! I was able to obtain permission to use the poem in my book.

Check them out: they are all well worth a visit. And thank you to you, my blogging friends, for all your support and interest. I hope to be visiting more regularly before too long.


  1. Marja

    It looks like the tree trunk has been painted orange?
    How wonderful so many books. Good luck I must take the time to look at all your books. I saw you’ve written many. I love the flax basket and will check out your friends.

  2. juliet

    Marja, the light was quite unusual, and I was lucky to catch it on camera. Enjoy the other bloggers, and thanks for your comment.

  3. Hotly Spiced

    Congratulations on the delivery of your book. How exciting to see it in finished form. What a great sense of achievement you must be feeling. I look forward to purchasing my own copy xx

  4. Anonymous

    Congratulations on the publication of your book. A special day of joy, accomplishment, and fulfillment.
    Farm Gal in VA, USA

  5. juliet

    Charlie and Farm Gal, thanks for your congratulations. It is a feeling of accomplishment, after so much hard work.

  6. Ruth P

    This is such a wonderful autumn harvest for you Juliet. The hibiscus flowers glow just as richly as the words and quotes do that you have crafted in this beautiful new book!

  7. juliet

    Ruth, what kind words, and it’s so good to know that you and many others are all reading it at the same time! —feels like a big group feasting!
    Thank you.

  8. Penny O'Neill

    Congratulations, Juliet; rather like birthing a baby, it seems, with such a fabulous bundle at the end of all that labor. Your use of hibiscus to welcome the books in is so touching and so typically Juliet. Wonderful.

    Thank you for your kind comments. I do so appreciate them, and look forward to ordering Spirited Ageing.

    I’ve been a bit off in my posts of late. Life has gotten in the way, but, once the next few weeks pass, hope to be more regular.

  9. juliet

    * Penny, thank you for your congratulations. It was a long labour and now I have a lively baby – yes it was just like that.
    I’ve been missing my posts too. As bloggers I think we have to allow this, and move into the rhythm of what our lives are asking of us. Then we have the pleasure of returning when the time is right.

  10. Lynley

    What a tangible picture of your hard work Juliet. As the boxes empty you will be able to witness the progress of your book as it reaches its audience.

    The stack of boxes does look tempting for spirited young ones to play “King/Queen of the Castle” games amidst laughter.

    I love the Hibiscus flowers blooming as your book and wonderful new website are sure to do.
    Good wishes!

  11. juliet

    * Lynley, thank you for these good wishes. The boxes will certainly have many uses once emptied. I’m getting lots of orders and it’s satisfying to see the pile of boxes go down.

  12. Friko

    Congratulations, the harvest is in.
    May it prove to be of great sustenance to all who consume it.

  13. juliet

    * Friko, thank you for your good wishes.

  14. cecilia

    absolutely and completely and wonderfully and congratulatory and gogeously congratulations. What a huge task.. wish wish wish I could be at one of the launches. I am so proud to be your bloggy friend… and thank you so much for inspiring us all by being a person who can not only write but Gets things Done.. it takes tenacity.. you are a star.. love the hibiscus.. c

  15. juliet

    * Celi, thank you so much, and I hope it won’t be too long before you are doing the same! and then I will be cheering you along.

  16. Amanda Trought

    Juliet, congratulations, it is great to see the book finally here. All your hard work and dedication. Blessings to you.


  17. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet .. that’s wonderful .. I’ll be over to buy it .. and guess who I met on Thursday?! Yes – Amanda .. and she’s quite lovely ..

    … I was going to London anyway to see some exhibitions .. and her exhibition was on – so off I went to meet up .. small world!

    Looking forward to hearing more … and I’m so pleased for you –

    Poor delivery chap with the wrong palette?!

    Cheers Hilary

  18. Diana Drent

    Congratulations Juliet with your new book.

    Will there be translations of your book?

  19. juliet

    * Amanda, thank you, and it was wonderful to have you part of it.

    * Hilary, how amazing that you met Amanda! It’s so fantastic the way we all connect through the blog world.

    * Diana, thank you. No translations planned at this stage.

    Thank you Amanda, Hilary and Diana; I appreciate your good wishes.

  20. Anonymous

    congratulations Juliet… this is a daring experiment on my part… hope it works!!!

  21. juliet

    * Hi – is that you Valerie? I clicked ‘spam’ on the comment because there was no name, then realised it was genuine.
    Looks like your daring experiment has worked – just remember to put your name at the end of the comment so I know who it is! Thank you.


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