I can still buy fine capsicums and courgettes from the organic growers up the road, and now they’ve brought in their harvest of butternuts.

I reached the bach after a few weeks away, not sure what I’d find in my own modest garden, especially after the rain had come. My capsicums are rather small, but very bright and tasty.

I harvested just one butternut, because the others died when I wasn’t here to water them. Just one butternut, but it’s the first one I’ve ever grown, and I know it will taste special.

I also picked the last tomatoes, and uprooted the plant, which was very ready to be composted.

And the sweet basil, although it’s now flowering,  still has some fragrant leaves to add to my vegetable casserole.
It’s a modest garden, and I’m not here to tend to it every day, but somehow it’s produced enough to keep me satisfied.