Happy trees

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The wet summer has made the trees very happy. The hibiscus is particularly bright this year.

and the jacarandas that line the streets running down to the sea
are blossoming profusely, with their beautiful blue. 

 Magnolias are sending up white spears, that open into fullsome milky cups

 and among the native trees, the puriri are full of berries, which makes the tuis very happy

 while palm trees are hanging great droops of berries also,

like golden afro hair-cuts.
Yes, even if people complain about all the rain, the trees are certainly rejoicing.


  1. Elisabeth

    And here in Melbourne, despite lots of rain in December, a big hot dry has settled in and plants are wilting, some of ours even dying. But yours are thriving. Too much or too little, the fluctuations of nature. Great photos, Juliet.

  2. juliet

    Thanks Elizabeth, and I feel for you in the big hot dry. I know what it can be like in Australia. We are still getting showers every week, which cools us down again.

  3. lifeonthecutoff

    Beautiful, Juliet. The good with the not so good in all that rain. We hit 55 degrees today. Unheard of for January in these parts. I’m trying to just enjoy it, though worry about the plants, which are so confused. Thank you for these lovely shots.

  4. juliet

    Thank you Penny. Our summer is cool and your winter warm (I just converted it – 12.5 degrees celsius; that’s not bad at all. Maybe all this communicating between our hemispheres is creating an equalising effect! I hope your plants can manage their confusion.

  5. Ruth

    It’s lovely to see a hibiscus. I don’t think they grow in Christchurch, certainly I haven’t seen them here.

  6. Lynley

    It is lovely to see such beauty and lushness Juliet.

    I think Wellington’s famous winds and the cloudy weather we have been having in the past three weeks are reducing our plants capacity to thrive.

    I do note that the cabbage tree across the road is flowering for the second time this season.

  7. juliet

    Ruth, the hibiscus is especially gorgeous. I pick one each day as they don’t last long once picked.
    Lynley, the winds must be a challenge for the poor plants, but amazing to have a cabbage tree flower twice in one season. I’ve never seen that.

  8. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    Hi Juliet – talk about abundant .. love seeing trees similar to those in South Africa .. the weed – the Jacaranda .. is so beautiful. Pretoria is known as Jacaranda city – as it has a haze of blue in season.

    Cheers Hilary

  9. juliet

    Hi Hilary, I hadn’t linked the jacaranda with South Africa. How interesting – and ‘a haze of blue’ is a perfect description.

  10. Hilary Melton-Butcher

    The Jacarandas were imported from Brazil .. for you I guess they picked them up on the way out to find you!!

    For SA … I guess they brought them on the return journey via South Africa …

    It’s interesting how far things have travelled or been introduced .. cheers Hilary

  11. juliet

    Hilary, you are so knowledgeable! Thanks for letting me know, I had no idea they came from Brazil.


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