Happy Summer Solstice from the wild west coast of New Zealand.
Yesterday the little one and I wandered up the stream, looking for lupins. We couldn’t find any, but we found plenty of other fiery flowers and leaves. And so, on the black sand, on a little island in the middle of the stream, I made you this.

 The little one was thoughtful, learning about Summer Solstice. After some time spend splashing in the stream, and gathering more flowers, she asked, ‘What if there was a Winter Solstice?’

‘Ah, but there is,’ I replied. On the other side of the world it is the shortest and darkest day. It’s very cold there right now, and it’s snowing. Here, it is the longest and brightest day.’

The little one was glad we were here, and not there. I drew suns in the evening, to send warmth wherever it is needed.
And I am thinking of the other aspect of solstice. On this day, the seed of darkness is planted into our summery light. And for you, in the dark of winter solstice, the seed of light is planted.
From this day, our light will diminish and yours will increase.
Across the world, the dynamic flow of warmth and cold, light and dark continues.
So, Happy Solstice, wherever you are. And may you carry the light of the sun within you, whatever the season.