Wear green, they said, and I did.

 Head out to the west coast, they said, and I did.

Don’t mind the weather, they said, and I brought my umbrella, which luckily turned out to be green.

 I didn’t need a speech on climate change, and nor did anyone else. We were there because we already cared. (UN chief Ban Ki Moon has called an urgent summit on climate change for 23 September in New York, and all over the world people are marching and creating events.) But it filled in time while we waited for the rain to stop,

  which it did. Then, up on the dunes we began to form a green heart.

 Even the dogs wore green.

Hold your green towel, or cloth, above your head, and to the sound of the drum, lift it up and down, they said. Which we did. It took a few practices, and there we were, one hundred and sixty five of us, one pulsating heart, beating in unison at last. It took two to hold some pieces of cloth.

I lifted my green umbrella up and down to the beat of the drum. The green heart began to beat. I could feel the earth beating through us. Overhead a plane circled with a camera-person inside. On a high point of the dunes, local film-maker Briar stood, her camera whirring.
What did it look like? When the film clip is posted on Facebook, I’ll find out. And I’ll put the link right here.
* No film yet, but here’s a link to some still photos
Here’s the link to the video, just posted